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Model- SSP/15Q Manufactured by SIBO Engineering, Italy
For grinding Flat pieces made of steel, aluminum, brass etc. The feed speed of the piece can be adjusted while working with a variable speed driver.

The machine can be equipped with-
* Motor to adjust the working height 0.37 Kw
* Coolant pump with filter cloth to eliminate particles
* Sanding Beltsí variable speed driver
* Blowing Device to clean the pieces

Technical Specifications
Max width of the piece 150mm
Max height of the piece 100mm
Abrasive Belt Speed 16 mt/sec
Carpet Speed 2-10 mt/sec
Abrasive Belt Dev. 2000 x 150 mm
Net weight 420 kg

Model- 2LU/30 Manufactured by SIBO Engineering, Italy
For grinding very curved or straight tubes with round or oval section made of steel, aluminum, brass, etc. The pieces to be ground are placed between the sanding belts and start feeding while the belts turn around the piece.

The machine can be equipped with-
* Variable speed driver to modify the speed of the sand belts
* Pneumatic clamping device for short pieces
* Self braking motor for the flywheel

Min dia straight pieces 5mm
Max dia straight pieces 30mm
Min radius of curvature for pieces with dia max 30 100mm
Abrasive Belt Dev. 500 x 30/50 mm
Net weight 140 kg

Wide range of Machines available to suit different job requirements
NOTE: We reserve the right to change.
Due to constant improvement, techincal specifications and dimensions are subjects to modification without prior notice.
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