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 Polishing Machine
"POWER MASTER" Double Ended Bench type Polishing Machines 0.33 HP to 10.0 HP..........More

 Bench Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" Double ended Heavy Duty Bench Grinding Machines with or without Pedestals. These grinders are complete with inbuilt drive suitable for operation on AC 415 volt 3 Phase or 220 / 230 v. ..........More

 Belt Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" Single ended Belt Grinding Machines are suitable for Emery Belt size 50 x 2000 mm size & 150 x 2000mm, & Double ended Belt Grinding Machines suitable for 50 x 2000 mm, 50 x 3500 mm..........More

 Pedestal Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" Extra Heavy Duty, Double Ended Pedestal Grinding Machines are suitable for all jobs in Engineering Workshops, Factories, Forging units, Foundries etc. Each Grinding Machinec..........More

 Tool Post Belt Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" Tool Post Belt Grinding Machines, suitable for 50 x 2000 mm or 75 x 3500 mm size Emery Belts, each machine comprises of one totally enclosed fan cooled electric drive,..........More

 Dust Collectors
"POWER MASTER" Dust Collectors are the Grinding & Polishing Machines with Built in Dust Collectors..........More

 Platen Belt Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" Heavy Duty Platen Belt Grinding Machines are designed for Sanding Fat side of components by manually pressing the component on the Abrasive Belt duly supported by a Platen..........More

 Conveyorised Belt Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" Conveyorised Belt Grinding machines are designed for mass production by Abrasive Belt Flat parts and surfaces. This is a semi Automatic Machine available in single..........More

 Variable Speed Polishing Machine
"POWER MASTER" Double Ended Variable Speed Polishing Machines are Designed for working at different speeds to achieve types of finish using the same of different Buffs..........More

 Tool Post Grinders
"POWER MASTER" Tool Post Grinders is use on Lathes, Shapers, Planer Machines etc. for operations like Cylindrical External Grinding, Face/ Radius/ Surface Grinding..........More

 Free Belt Grinding Machine
"POWER MASTER" These Machines are Designed for Flexible Belt Grinding Machines  on Free Belt of Curved Components..........More

 Motorized Utility Head
"POWER MASTER" Heavy Duty Motorized Utility Heads are used for manual Finishing, sizing work such as Filing, Scraping, Beading etc. These versatile heads made in Robust design..........More

 Disc Grinders
"POWER MASTER" Bench type Disc Grinders are suitable for Edge Grinding, Radius Grinding of components. ..........More

 Cutting Tools Fine Grinding Machines
"POWER MASTER" Cutting Tools Fine Grinding Machines Reciprocating Table Size 400 x 170 mm Mounted on Leaf- Spring at right hand side..........More

 Special Purpose Grinding & Polishing Machines
"POWER MASTER" Special purpose Grinding Machines & Polishsing Machines are..........More

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