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Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of all kinds of Heavy Duty Motorized Utility Heads...

Buy original  products and not cheap imitations which are more expensive in the long run.
 Motorized Utility Head

Model - UH 322
Manufactured by "Prem Brothers" Since 1959
"POWER MASTER" Heavy Duty Motorized Utility Heads are used for manual Finishing, sizing work such as Filing, Scraping, Beading etc. These versatile heads made in Robust Bearing Design are available in varied H P and R P M to suit different job required.

Optional :
1) Hollow Shaft.
2) True Chuck with Coupling.

Technical Specifications

0.5 HP
1 H P
2 H P
960/1440/ 2800
3 H P
Power Supply
3 Phase, 415 V, AC 50 Cycles
Rotary Switch
Overall, Dim. In mm
L x W x H - 600 x 475 x 300
Apprx. Wt.
70 Kg.
 Multispeed V Belt Driven Heads

Model - BH2-5-0/1
Manufactured by "Prem Brothers" Since 1959

"Power Master" Heavy Duty belt driven multispeed heads are available in different configurations. Heads available 1 HP to 10 HP with speed options using steppulleys. Heavy Duty Construction, Robbus Design, Loaded with taperroller bearings and external spindle as per job requirement are available.

Ths Model is 5HP, 3 Speed, 850/1400/2100 RPM used for manual finishing of pressure cookere


Wide range of Machines available to suit different job requirements
NOTE: We reserve the right to change.
Due to constant improvement, techincal specifications and dimensions are subjects to modification without prior notice.
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